Quant - Quality Ablation training Phantom

Quality ablation requires highest precision during all steps of the intervention: From the preparation and planning of treatment, the placement of puncture needles to the verification of their position in the desired target.

Trendsetting guidance technologies support the definition of safe and targeted trajectories. At the same time, computer-assisted navigation helps, to achieve a maximum of reproducibility in the interventions. Sustainable, clinical treatment success requires training of the complete workflow in a realistic, clinical scenario.

The Quant Quality Ablation phantom includes torso, skin, ribs, spine, liver lesions and the portal vein and fosters realistic simulation and training of clinical procedures in the CT-suite: Imaging, treatment planning, placement of applicators and verification of the treatment with fusion of pre- and post-intervention images. The Quant Quality Ablation phantom comes with 11 intrahepatic targets in different shapes, sizes and locations to allow a realistic training of the intervention. Its hyperdense ct-appearance eases the fusion of pre- and post-treatment scans.
The color of the intrahepatic targets supports the simulation of positive biopsies.

The Quant Quality Ablation phantom comes with 18 single markers, 9 marker spheres, 1 single marker template, 1 training needle (all non-sterile and for training purposes only)

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